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Dr. Grate

Why Plastic Surgery?
The majority of my practice had been surgery of the head and neck as related to cancer and other diseases with a portion of my practice dealing with cosmetic surgery. This area is a particularly complex area. Therefore, each surgery is different even if it is the same type of operation and must be planned carefully. Within the last six years, I have moved my practice from the emphasis on medical and surgical diseases of the head and neck to cosmetic surgery. While I see medicine as a career, it is much more than that - it is also a ministry and involves a sacred relationship between doctor and the patient. While I initially felt that an emphasis on cosmetic surgery would make me feel less like a physician, in fact, it has been rewarding due to the laid back and easy relationship we have with our patients. We've had patients express the enjoyable time they have experienced with our staff and relationship before, during and after surgery. I believe that the major factor in the success of my practice of facial plastic, head and neck surgery is simply that I allow no one or no company to interfere with my relationship with my patients. "Our No.1 goal is to deliver the best and most appropriate care in a satisfactory, professional and pleasant manner to our patients."

When deciding to undergo medical, aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, it is important to choose a certified doctor that you trust and one you feel comfortable with. I integrate my artistic vision and direct meticulous attention to detail to produce optimal results through my extensive specialized training in a variety of medical and cosmetic surgical procedures.

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