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I am so pleased with the results of my neck lift. The thing that surprised me most was how painless it was. I was a little apprehensive knowing I would be awake during the procedure. The doctor was finished before I knew it, ha! No pain!

(Name omitted)
Eastpoint, Florida

Dear Dr. Grate and Staff,

The day I decided to come for a consultation regarding the neck lift procedure was the BEST birthday present I could have ever given to myself!

I knew before I even left the office that day, that I had made the right decision in choosing you for the surgery. You and all the kind ladies that make up your office and nursing staff have been wonderful throughout this entire process.

To say that I am pleased with the results is a huge understatement. I am nothing less than thrilled!! I now feel like my outside matches the youthful approach to life I’ve always had on the inside. What a confidence booster this has been! My advice to anyone, who like me who has been thinking of doing this for a long time and is hesitating, is to …“Quit hesitating and do it.”! You will not regret it! It truly has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. As a working wife and mother, it is often hard to justify putting ourselves first. If only we would realize that sometimes doing that, that everyone benefits too!

I cannot thank you and you’re entire Staff enough for the professional care and genuine concern I received before, during and after my surgery. I love the way I look, but better yet, the way I now feel about myself!

With sincere gratitude and appreciation,

(Name omitted)
Bainbridge, Georgia

Dear Dr. Grate,

Thank you so much for making my “Neck Lift” such an “Uplifting” experience in every way. You and your Staff were so welcoming and professional that I felt immediately at ease. The results have exceeded my expectations.

Your expertise in this procedure is evident. Even though I thoroughly researched your experience and the neck lift, I was afraid of an in-office procedure done under local anesthetic. I wasted a lot of good worry for nothing. There is nothing to be afraid of. After a couple of “pin pricks” I felt nothing. I’m pretty sure I talked and bored you silly while you were working.

Recovery was quick. Pain medication for a few days alleviated my discomfort and after that, I pretty much went about my normal activities. After three weeks, I was confident enough to go out for a restaurant lunch.

It’s now been six weeks, and the results make me very happy. It’s everything I had hoped for. You’re the best!

Please give my regards to Claire and Stephanie. They have been so kind, and that meant a lot to me.

Best Regards,
(Name Omitted)
Eastpoint, Florida

Dear Dr. Grate and Staff,

I am writing this note to thank you for such a great care throughout my neck lift procedure.

Initially, I was frightened to go through the procedure without anesthetic but after speaking with one of your patients I was reassured. This is a remarkable breakthrough for cosmetic surgery! I was not in pain and even tried to stay awake throughout the procedure.

The medication does work! I am one who has fainted reading the newspaper about surgery and had no difficulties during this surgical experience. In fact, I remember joking with you while you were operating on me.

I hope no one lets fear of this procedure keep them from the benefits of a higher self esteem and a more youthful look. Originally, I said “no” on the questionnaire from your office to use my before and after photos. Now I am proud of the amazing results. I want to share the benefits with others.

(Name omitted)
Crawfordville, Florida

Dear Dr. Grate,

Thank you so much for your care and concern while I had my neck procedure. I am very pleased with the results that allow me to look and feel better about myself.

It took longer to return to normal than I expected but was well worth the wait. After six weeks I could feel my energy return.

The procedure was painless and little discomfort afterward. I followed your instructions and used minimum medication.

Your staff was very helpful during this time and took good care of me. They assured me when I was anxious. The first few days I was a mess but it got to be a lot better after that.

Thank you for your time and expertise. I feel like a new woman, and I get lots of compliments!

(Name and city omitted by request)
P.S. Now I don’t mind looking in the mirror with or without make-up and my husband loves the new me! My friends ask if I have lost weight, changed my hair or why I look like a new person.

Dear Dr. Grate and Wonderful Staff,

I had thought about plastic surgery for a number of years but the cost seemed to be out of reach. I have always been socially active and as a small business owner, first impressions count with new clients. When speaking with clients and friends, I noticed that their eyes averted down to my wrinkled sagging neck and jowels. The rest of me was fine and of course I had expected wrinkles with age, but that "turkey neck" had become far more extreme than I had bargained for. I was also concerned about those bags under my eyes.

When I read about The Better Lift, it seemed the perfect solution, so I contacted your office. Each visit was a memorable experience. Everyone was courteous, friendly, professional and in a short time there was a lot of laughter. You all made me feel right at home. Everything about the surgery was explained in detail and there was no hesitation to show me the facility. Everyone was wonderful.

A week before my surgery, my medications and instructions were in hand and we were referred to a good hotel that catered to all of my needs and even a beautiful room by the back exit. I was more than pleased.

With your artistic hands Dr. Grate, and the precise aid of your skilled surgical assistants , the turkey neck and the eye bags are no more. It was absolutely a painless surgery and awake too! There was very little discomfort afterward. It was actually an experience I will remember with this smile surrounded by this brand new look.

Less than two weeks later I was out and about. I now have a spectacular neckline that I am proud to show off and the eyes look younger and more alive. My clients and I now conduct business without the 'Turkey Neck' distraction. My husband tells me I look beautiful and he... well I won't go there. *Smile

All I can say is Thank you. This has made a huge difference in my life, business and especially my confidence.

Thank you All,
(Name omitted)
St. Simons Island, Georgia

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